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A trio of must-reads.

Well, they're must-reads if you belong to the non-social conservative wing, like myself.

Bill Ardolino
Jon Henke
Ryan Sager

I've commented before how little it will take for me to vote for the Libertarians in '08.  The concept of a "wasted vote" means little to me, as I'm beginning to feel I'm wasting my vote anyway when choosing between a Democrat who spends too much money or a Republican who spends too much money.

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Fair Warning
Ryan Sager at Tech Central Station warns of tensions within the Republican party between social conservatives and small government conservatives. CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) is a meet and greet for the political elite and young activists... Needless to say,...
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GOP Schisms
Because of Instapundit and a few other posts I've seen today, I see that there's a new factional fight brewing in the GOP. When the Libertarian Party agreed to partially fund the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) to reach out...
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Republicans Can Only Go So Far To Please Libertarians
Libertarian Ryan Sager wrote a column about his experience at the Conservative Political Action Conference that has been drawn attention.
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Cheap shots can be expensive . . .
A primary reason I blog is to oppose people who want to run our lives for us. Liberal activists, the MSM, and some of the louder, shriller (do I hear "triumphant"?) religious conservatives I count as among those who want.
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128th Carnival Of The Vanities
Thanks to the good people at Silfray Hraka for letting me host. Thanks to those who submitted a veritable cornucopia of posts of every size and kind imaginable. Without further ado, I give you the 128th Carnival of the Vanities!...
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Carnival of the Vanities
MOBster Doug Bass hosted episode 128 of the Carnival of the Vanities.
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True, True
Ryan Sager writes about ideological tensions at CPAC, divisions that mark a larger looming split in the GOP: Arrogance toward Democrats isn't the problem -- though that was everywhere, from Ann Coulter's conservative stand-up routine (kind of a Republican version...
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what is acai
First, we could make listening a core competence for our business. Our research product to date is largely evaluation of market sentiment, message testing and evaluation of our results (often in terms of gross rating points as if it were advertising). Why not a more inclusive approach incorporating passionate consumers and employees? What about early input on products from the blogging community? We could solicit the wisdom of the crowd by putting out drafts of codes of conduct or corporate social...
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