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Early Astroturfing
Via Instapundit, Jon Henke catches the mis-named Nicholas Confessore laying some fake turf of his own even as he accused James Glassman of doing the same. It seems that Confessore is former senior editor of The American Prospect, which, you'll...
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FEC, Blogs and liberal hypocrisy
Meanwhile the Chicomms are trying to keep the blogs down....why would we even think about doing the same? Says a lot about the people pushing this agenda doesn't it?
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"Journo-Lobbying" at The American Prospect:

John Henke accuses Nicholas Confessore of "journo-lobbying" at The American Prospect years before Confessore made a similar c...

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Jon Henke notes that long before Nicholas Confessore accused Tech Central Station of astroturfing, Nicholas Confessore was involved in . . . astroturfing. As, it appears, was The American Prospect as a whole. Rather hilariously, one commenter to Henke's post...
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Rip & Read Blogger Podcast for 2005-03-23
Here's what I ripped and read today in my Podcast: Glenn Reynolds then goes on to site another case of astroturfing of campaign finance reform, pointing to a piece by Jon Henke at Q&O talking about Tech Central Station: In December of 2003,...
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This post seems to be getting some blogosphere love. Of course, your favorite blogger made the same point a week...
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Oh, where are the morals of yesteryear?
I was one of the lucky few singled out as partisan hacks for writing for Tech Central Station, because it's funded by DCI, a lobbying group. The nice chaps at Crooked Timber had no end of fun berating me for being part of an "astroturf" campaign, despite the fact that...
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That Mother Jones Article.
Crooked Timber flags up an article in Mother Jones which is highly critical of Techcentralstation, a place which regular readers will know I write for. No doubt you will all read and make up your own minds, which is as