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BLOG: Quick Links 6/22/05
*So, we've been giving trials to the Guantanamo inmates all along? *Patterico notes the final insult from Michael Schiavo. *Chrenkoff has a visual roundup of the Coalition of the Willing. (Via Winds) *If this Mitt Romney broadside against "people within...
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Lunch: 6/22/2005
Try one of these specials with your lunch: MilBlogger Chuck (From My Position ... On The Way!) has been injured by an IED. [via Assumption of Command] ScrappleFace looks at Durbin's Apology (beta). The Jawa Report says
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The Truth of Gitmo
The U.S. is admitting to the U.N. that torture has taken place at Gitmo: Washington has for the first time...