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More Reactions to Kelo
A round up of the reactions to Kelo v. New London, today's Supreme Court decision that dramatically extended the powers of government and shredded the 5th Amendment. My own response and my earlier post on the value of Originalism. Brad...
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Bye Bye Private Property
In the ongoing obliteration of the written Constitution, the Supreme Court has rendered the 5th amendment meaningless. (More here) I haven't seen the actual decision and dissent yet, but it's clear from the articles that the Supreme Court has just decided that government can take your private property to give to another private person simply by declaring that this is "for the public good". Interestingly, while this decision goes with the previous decision on medical marijuana (that is, that activity conducted by one person entirely within one state and involving no exchange of value is "interstate commerce" because Congress says...
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Corporate Socialism wins again
Emminent domain...hasn't been used the way it was intended -- with "just compensation" and solely for a public use -- since we were still riding horses.... Now whose benefit is it being used for? Wal-Mart and Pfizer. Dale Franks from QandO explain...
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The Kelo Decision
South of the border, American bloggers are rightly up in arms over the Kelo decision. Here in Canada, we're saddled with the Authorson ruling.
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A supreme mistake

Count me among those disgusted with the Supreme Court's ruling against Susette Kelo, which asserted the right of the government to seize her home in order to divert the property to what it judged to be a use of higher economic value.