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Quick Shots
General McCaffrey has evaluated the situation in Iraq and released a very thorough report. It is not that long - at least the meat of it is not - and is not laden with military terminology that would be inaccessible to those unfamiliar with military details. I consider this report required reading for anyone interested in the situation in Iraq, and the prospects for both victory and defeat there. Most interesting to me was this series of observations:January thru September 2006 will be the peak period of the insurgency —and the bottom rung of the new Iraq. [snip] 4. Top...
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Report on Iraq
Honestly, I have basically zoned out on the whole Iraq thing. But this report from General Barry McCaffrey on what's up is pretty interesting. Maybe I'm just a sucker for stolid militarese but it seems to have the whiff of...
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Who You Should Be Reading On Iraq
Ackerman, Spence Cordesman, Anthony Clark, Wes Cole, Juan Diamond, Larry Drum, Kevin Fukuyama, Francis Kaplan, Fred Krepinevich, Andrew aka 'Oil Spot' Kristol, Bill McCaffrey, Barry Nossel, Suzanne Plumer, Brad Quinlaven, James Vest, Jason Yglesias, Matt Somewhere in this veritable...
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