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Debate #3
I was planning on live blogging but, changed my mind. I'll give you my notes to each question asked.
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I didn't watch the debate -
But THIS is just as good. All the action, none of the nuance! Enjoy!QandO Blog - Liveblogging the debateJ
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Ahhh... translation
This is rather, slants against Kerry though. Now, if both Kerry and Bush could say all that in the debate, I probably watch it (90 minutes is too long - exams season).
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The condensed transcript
Dale Franks has the only debate transcript you need......
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Reader's Digest Debate Translation
Via the Instadude, one of the funniest recounting of and reactions to the debate that I have seen. An example: Q: What about those guns? Theyre nasty and dangerous, and
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Best Debate Liveblogging
Neo-libertarian stopspendingmyfarkingtaxesonstupidprograms man Dale Franks live-blogged the debate . . . Obviously, his priorities are screwy 'coz there was a Yankee game on.
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Debate-to-English translation
QandO's debate-to-English translation has me rolling this morning. Kerry: Mr. Bush has let health care collapse. Surprised we aren
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What They Said and What They Meant
Demure Thoughts/Jen alerts to this Q
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Campaign humor
I can't face more fact-checking right now. (You can find links to fanatical fact-check sites here.) But I could use some funnies. No matter your position, John Kerry agrees with you! An audio parody ad. Regular Guys for Bush...
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