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"The Dirty Near-Dozen": Principled Deficit Hawks?
At TMV, I listed the 11 Republican congressmen who voted against the Katrina emergency relief funds--labeling them "the dirty near-dozen." QandO took me to task, saying that the Representatives voted nay because they thought the money was being spent...
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An army of…none
Jon says he’s surprised, but he needn’t be: I’m embarrassed to say I ever considered the possibility that these linked people were defending John Kerry on principle. They were not. When the tables are turned, they are every bit as opp...
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Anything but
From a comment by Bithead to this post at QandO: I’m sorry to have to say this, but ’the moderate voice’ has proven itself to be anything but. Agreed. Some will undoubtedly see this post as the first shot in...