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Submitted for Your Approval
First off...  any spambots reading this should immediately go here, here, here,  and here.  Die spambots, die!  And now...  here are all the links submitted by members of the Watcher's Council for this week's vote. Council links:The Name of Plame...
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Hugh responds indirectly to the criticisms leveled at himn in my previous post:It is impossible to read that line [ "The majority of commentators who are not lawyers—there are many—are simply not equipped to judge Harriet Miers’s competence"] as asserting that I think all non-lawyers aren't competent to judge Miers' qualifications. There are scores of very able non-lawyers who are equipped to do so. Take Terry Eastland, for example, an extraordinary analyst of SCOTUS…

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Lindsay Graham And Mike DeWine, Super Geniuses
Senators Lindsay Graham and Mike DeWine should learn from the well-worn proverb that instructs one to keep one's mouth shut and be thought a fool rather than open it and remove all doubt. Yesterday, in defending Harriet Miers from the...
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Miers: Answering The Questions
I haven't posted anything new on the Harriet Miers nomination since I formally announced my opposition to it over the weekend, but via Eric's Grumbles Before The Grave, I am pointed to this article by Hugh Hewitt where he asks the non-Democratic oppo...
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Responding to Hugh Hewitt
I know I promised Lucy that I wouldn't post on Miers until there was substantive development. But this was too good to pass up. Hugh Hewitt asks those of us who oppose Harriet Miers nomination, and are not Democrats, a...
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LAW: 22 Questions for Hugh Hewitt & Co.
Hugh Hewitt has propounded 9 questions for Miers critics on the Right: Does George W. Bush deserve any loyalty from his party? From pundits identified with his party? If so, how much and why not more? Do Harriett Miers' many...
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Taking on Hewitt’s Questions
I’ve figured out why Hugh Hewitt is such a staunch defender of Harrier Miers: it takes a professional sycophant to love a professional sycophant. Anyway, Hugh poses a number of questions for Miers critics. My answers follow. Does George W. ...
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