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Did Joe Wilson out his own wife?
It appears so … and it also seems quite likely that those who’ve said it wasn’t a well kept secret in Washington as to the status of Joe Wilson’s wife were right on the mark. Via WorldNetDaily: A retired Army general says the...
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It's pistols at dawn. Choose your seconds....
....Yesterday I read a story which quoted Gen. Vallely saying that Joseph Wilson had told him in 2002 that Valerie Plame worked for the CIA in the WMD area. Since the provenanc...
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Plame Game - Touching a Nerve
Alerted by a commenter (h/t Big Joe), this interesting article appeared yesterday in World Net Daily: Analyst says Wilson 'outed' wife in 2002 Disclosed in casual conversations a year before Novak column
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BLOG: Quick Links 11/25/05
*David Pinto notes some ridiculous puffery by Scott Boras about Johnny Damon, including an assertion that Damon is somehow better than Rickey Henderson. Of course, he's just advocating for his client, but there's a difference between honest and dishonest advocacy;...
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water purification
to remove as much oil as possible. Wash the skin and then apply a hot facecloth for two minutes