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Swinging at Murtha
The Bush White House must be comfortable that Patrick Fitzgerald--who will work with a new grand jury--won't pop any more...
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"Hawkish" Dem: Time To Cut And Run
... Words escape me. I've run through my entire list of epitaphs, printable and unprintable, and can't find one that comes close to describing my feelings toward this despicable little worm. The kindest theory I can come up with is that this fool's suffering from delayed-onset PTSD and is no longer capable of understanding that some wars really are necessary and we're in the middle of one of those now.
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Put up or shut up
Jeff sez: For what it’s worth, Russ Feingold commended Murtha for his “consistent courage in pointing out the flaws in [our current Iraq] policy,” but himself stopped short of endorsing the idea of an immediate withdrawal—preferring instead to ...
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Do You Know This Man?
To counter the widely-reported statements of Representative Jack Murtha, a longtime veteran who believes our being in Iraqi is a horrible mistake, I’d like to present the words of Representative Sam Johnson. Johnson is a member of Congress from...
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Long yellow percoet 10.
Long yellow percoet 10.
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custom acrylic displays
Acrylic displays are an effective way for retailers to offer a taste of the season's hot trends or emphasize specially-priced items.