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Project Hero
QandO has the next Silver Star recipient tribute up on their site. PFC Randall McClenney, USMC.
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The latest installment of Project Hero at Q and O....
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"He was a helluva Marine"
Think the war on terror isn't producing its share of heroes? They're around, the MSM just isn't telling you about them. Click here to read about Pfc. Daniel B. McClenney, USMC. (ht: Michelle Malkin)
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PFC Daniel McClenney, USMC
McQ and QandO has his second tribute to an American hero posted: PFC Daniel McClenney. I could not find his Silver Star citation online, but there is a partial transcription in this article. In brief, PFC McClenney was part of a fire team that was ambushed in Kunar Province, Afghanistan by a much larger enemy force that was moving into position to attack a coalition firebase. PFC McClenney was wounded in the initial enemy fire, but stayed in the fight. After his team leader was killed, PFC McClenney took over radio communications, and half an hour was both fighting and...
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Project Hero: Silver Star Recipient PFC Daniel McClenney
The second installment of Q and O’s “Project Hero” tells us the story of PFC Daniel McClenney, who was posthmously awarded the Silver Star for valor in combat in Afghanistan. If you were to look up PFC McClenney’s name on CNN ...
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Oakley Pit Boss
I am really keen of watching comic videos at youtube, and this video clip is actually so funny, hehehhe.