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Jon Henke is right to demand accountability--the fact that these explosives just disappeared and the US military did not think to check on them smacks of a miscalculation of the worst kind. It may be that there is an investigation.
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POLITICS: Explosive Charge
The NY Times - with the assistance, predictably, of 60 Minutes - is pushing a story about explosive stockpiles in Iraq that have been unaccounted for since the invasion. Why now? I'll leave that to the reader. But the relevant.
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Tons of Explosives Missing in Iraq
First off, this isnt exactly new news and its only timely because the election is one week away and at first glance it appears that the lack of security on one bunker in Iraq would be against the President. In an ideal situation, every single arms facility and every single cache of weapons would be secured. When has war ever been an ideal situation and when in war have ideal situations always existed, if ever?