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Are Y'all Ready for More Eliminationist Rhetoric?
I'm sure you are! Our latest murder fantasy comes from Dale Franks at QandO (emphasis mine): I'll make a deal with the Left: You wanna impeach President Bush? Go ahead. Knock yourself out. In fact, let's just go to the...
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Oh come on, Brad, let me get one decent one in here..
From Dale at the QandO Blog, who fantasizes about hanging liberals from lampposts, and seeing a major American city (full of liberals) destroyed in nuclear fire: Parade of Pessimism Posted by: Dale Franks on Thursday, January 05, 2006 Gloom. That's...
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my family lives in chicago

I was staying out of the Sadly Incident - it was obvious to me that Gavin stuck his foot in it and he did the right thing by apologizing to Dean for the unintentional threat to his family. I assume Gavin doesn't have a family, wh...

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Bradrocket, Gavin, Seb, eat your hearts out!
Here in Austin, we’ve got a wingnut regular in the Letters to the Editor section of the local fishwrap: one Rev. James A. Andrews. Usually, he limits himself to the usual wingnut theocrat masturbatory sessions (OMG! T3h g4ys R cumming to rape UR...