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My View Of The Election
I'm inspired by this post at Powerine, looking at the similarities between this race and the race in 2000. There is a different comparison I want to make, and that's to the race in 1980, Reagan vs. Carter. I've been looking at all these contradictory.
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Beltway Traffic Jam
The daily linkfest: Robert Cox provides reason # 4128 you can't trust the NYT. Eugene Volokh reports that the butterfly ballot in Ohio is actually quite readable. McQ observes that some voting blocs are less bloc-ish than usual. Venomous Kate tra...
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POLITICS: The Vet Vote
McQ notes a number of polls breaking down different voting blocs, with interesting commentary. One significant group: A Rasmussen Reports survey shows that military veterans prefer George W. Bush over John Kerry by a 58% to 35% margin. Those with.
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WTF Is Going to Happen Next Tuesday?
Bush got just about half the votes in the last election. Now, four years later, what's going on? Q and O has this, saying Bush is picking up all sorts of votes among white females, blacks, Jews, first-time voters, and.