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John Boehner Elected Majority Leader
John Boehner, the number two vote getter on the first ballot and everyone’s consensus second choice, has defeated Majority Whip Roy Blunt and been elected House Majority Leader, according to and Mike Krempasky at RedState. Update: AP ...
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"Boehner Elected House Majority Leader"

Newsday profiles John Boehner, who defeated Roy Blunt and libertarian favorite John Shadegg to replace Tom Delay as House leader:John Boehner came to Congress 15 years ago as a crusader against what he saw as the excesses of Democratic power. [...] Boehner has a strong conservative record, but has also shown an ability to reach across party lines. He pushed pension legislation through the House last year, attracting nearly 300 votes after a last-minute accommodation with the United Auto Workers.…