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Quotes of the Day, dismissive, condescending snark edition
From Dale Franks, at the end of a lengthy post concurring-in-part and dissenting-in-part with a post by Jon Henke: [O]ur choice is between Republicans who are willing to easily betray our principles in order to fight the Global War on Terror, and Democrats who are unwilling to fight a Global...
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American exceptionalists are the best
It may seem strange that an avowed American exceptionalist, like myself, would mock those who appear to want nothing but the best for the rest of the world, insofar as they would treat developing democracies, statist, busybody Europeans and terrorists like they had somehow become Americans, flush with freedom of the press, Bill of Rights protections and equal partnership in military decisions. Admittedly, the idea that everyone should be more like us is reflexively attractive, but one tries to work these problems out beyond what seems intuitively right at first. Also, you come to realize that most (not all) of...