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CBS vs. Howard Stern
I haven't been a Howard Stern fan for a long time......basically, I grew up and he didn't, but I found the report today that he is being sued by CBS to be pretty interesting. NEW YORK -- CBS Corp.'s radio division sued Howard Stern Tuesday, clai ....
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Time flew by quickly, and it was time to face separation. I chose to study medicine, and he chose physics. Yet we still couldn’ t separate from each other. Our parents worried that we didn’ t know anyone in Taipei, so they forced us to live in the same apartment building. Once again, we became neighbors. We still fought, but sometimes we fought into the bedroom. Alright, we became lovers, but we still wouldn’ t say we loved each other. We didn’ t even spend Valentine’ s Day together until he saw me share...
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No one can call back yesterday;Yesterday will not be called again.