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The President Declassified
So, what is the breaking news story here? Properly declassified information has been released to the press who have demanded it ad nauseam. And? Equally if the President had not declassified the information the same accusers would be shouting him down for withholding.
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Karl Rove Told Me to Write This--Not!
There has been no mention of President Bush allowing Scooter Libby to "leak" until now because I don't think it's...
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Bush Caught Leaking
The Left seems fairly irate over recent news regarding Bush, Libby and the properly and legally disclosed NIE.So to recap: Libby has revealed that Bush authorized a leak of classified info for political purposes. End of story.Unfortunately, yet once again
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A Leak by any Other Name…
Political dialog is so frequently an exercise is opponents talking past one another with the aim of political gain as to be a combination of amusing and depressing. The latest example of this is the swirl around the testimony of Scooter Libby that he...
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Broder Phones It In
WaPO columnist David Broder gets involved in an on line discussion. Emphasis mine. You be the judge. On Bush's approval of Libby sharing info with the NY Times:David S. Broder: As you can tell from the current White House briefing