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Network Neutrality
There have been a couple of posts by Dale Franks at QandO recently, here and here, dealing with network neutrality (the proposition, or design principle really, that the INTERconnections between NETworks that make up the Internet should not care about the content of the data passing across them — a packet is a packet is a packet). The alternative is "intelligent networks", which look at the source, destination, type or contents of packages and decide to charge differently, or throttle differently, based on those characteristics. For example, let's say that you have a cable modem, as I do. Your cable...
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teen lesbian sex
From Linda Villarosa, author of Passing for Black and Fiona Zedde, author of Hungry for It, stopped by the Center to tell us what motivates their writing in these books and to give advice to up and coming black, lesbian writers, including tips on marketing black lesbian erotica. This video excerpt is from Out at the Center, a TV show and video podcast of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center of New York City. The show is made possible thanks to members of the Center and viewers like you. ...
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Comcast Specials
And though Stewart isn't getting her own entire cable channel, she is carving out her own slice of Hallmark: After Stewart's show, Hallmark will air 90 minutes of programming created by Stewart's production company.
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Comcast Deals
I'd gamble on Google using the research here to figure out how to better use the old television spectrum to bring us Internet infrastructure 3. 0.