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H&I Fires* 23 May
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***scroll for updates...Just Citizens blog reports that Army has no record of service from Jesse/Jessie MacBeth...more below...(hat tip: LGF )*** "Jesse MacBeth" is currently the Number 2 search term at Technorati. He's the moonbat and purported Army Ranger featured here...
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Jesse Macbeth: His Tall Tales & The MilBlogs
Jesse Macbeth? Army Ranger… Apparently not. A person has to be a pretty good liar to tell tales with the blogosphere hot on your trail checking for any inconsistencies in your story. Jesse Macbeth, a prior member of Iraq Veterans...
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The Jesse Macbeth video hoax
Just how far will the hardcore anti-Iraq war left go to try and smear the US military? Far enough for one of them to claim to be an Iraq war veteran who was ‘pushed’ by his fellow soldiers into committing numerious atrocities against the Ir...
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Cesar is not a trainer. He does not abuse dogs. I have found, in my experience, that trainers usually like to bash Cesar around because he doesn't have an educational degrees to certify him as a trainer or a behaviorist. Leonardo Da Vinci didn't have a degree. Thomas Edison didn't have a certificate in electronics or even in electric engineering. Steve Jobs never got a degree in electronis or electric engineering. If all these folks can be successful without any kind of certification in their fields, then...