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Bring on the dancing land lobster, buddy -- !

-- Can't do it, I'm afraid. Earlier this week, the little guy stuffed a few t-shirts, some boxer briefs, a box of Townhouse crackers, and a handful of Slim Jims into his rucksack and hitchhiked down to Ft. Benning "to join the Army Rangers." He told me he'd been "hand-picked" by the Rangers because, as a young Texas street tough, he'd once "beaten off three state pigs" with a billy club he "took off the fattest one" --…

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Jesse Macbeth Back In Blogging News
So, if this form is even accurate, and there are questions about that, it shows that Macbeth lied about his standing as a US soldier, let alone a US Army Ranger, never went to Iraq, never got injured, and has lied about every aspect of his term of se...
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