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My Sentiments Exactly
This from Power Line Blog ... A letter to the editors of the New York Times who released the classified financial surveillance program from a Lieutenant serving in Iraq: Dear Messrs. Keller, Lichtblau & Risen: Congratulations on disclosing our ...
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what the NYT doesn't think is newsworthy
From QandO, I saw this line from the NYT editorial writers that "Our news colleagues work under the assumption that they should let the people know anything important that the reporters learn, unless there is some grave and overriding reason for withholding the information".
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Security and Secrecy
The New York Times introduces their latest defense of the indefensible with a warning, that prior attempts to prosecute the press for disclosing national security secrets did not turn out well. In reminiscing about the Pentagon Papers, the editors of the Times reveal the template theyve used all along in fighting the Bush Administration in their proxy war-against-the-war.