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Solar Panels
lot's of hype on solar panels, from my experience they don't really work that great
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astronomy science and god
Mike as outgoing Chair made some Astronomy book presentations to incoming and outgoing council members and gave pin recognition to some club supporters at the 'Royal ' level for their financial benificence in the past year. Don Pullen had crafted some humerous certificates phrased as acknowledgments of world records, they were very entertaining and thoughtful. I received an award for fitting the most aperture and greatest number of astronomers into a VW- which may actually be a world record. In keeping with...
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definition of astronomy
Who doesn’ t enjoy routine, especially when it comes to their profession? We all like the feeling that comes with knowing what we are doing works just fine, which is why we keep our business chugging along nicely, day after day. But what about branching out and learning something new about our particular industry? What about exploring the new technology available? It turns out that by incorporating today’ s technology into our business operations, we can capture more of the market we seek.