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In 1836, Darwin returned to England and was awarded membership in several prestigious organizations, including the Geological Society, the Athenaeum, and the Royal Society. Over the next few years he published the books based on his voyage aboard the Beagle. As he collected data to bolster his theory of organic evolution, he secretly began collecting scientific information related to“ the species problem,” to which he gave considerable thought. Based upon the accumulated evidence, Darwin concluded that the...
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in class this morning, we had the most interesting teacher ever. she had such a huge personality and such pep in her words (english and mandarin). she taught us a lot about the three important religions of Taiwan: Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism. she focused on that Taiwanese Folk Beliefs. basically what I learned and realized is how blessed i am to have a simple, loving and forgiving God; to have a religion and belief that i can feel free, loved, safety and happiness. i feel that there is so much about...