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I am not a blogger in the strictest sense. I am guilty of publishing fiction, but I’ m still (still!) working on my web site, which will contain a blog. And articles, columns, movie reviews, fiction, two partners in crime (Brad Linaweaver and my wife Sachiko), and bilingual contributions (English and Japanese), a streaming internet radio show, and, and.... well,“ good enough is enemy of the best,” I always say.
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One of the latest cool applications from the Finnish giant is Nokia Internet Radio , you can listen to hundreds of radio stations from all over the world, Greek, Turkish, Lithuanian you name it! The interesting bit is that when you installed this application it presents you a warning about data charges involved (see below).
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2008 (1) August (1) teen model search that will knock your socks off.
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This has come about as a boon for everyone from backpackers and businessmen to commuters and curmudgeons. If you want to blog about your travels, you don’ t have to clamber down the steep hill you’ ve just hiked up, you can simply write your blog using your mobile phone. If you want to conduct a business transaction or check the stock market, you can do it on your cellphone, your PDA or your laptop. You can also make plane, train, car or hotel reservations, or search for directions on interactive maps if you...