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Carnival of the Vanities #117
Welcome to the 117th Carnival of the Vanities! With the holiday shopping season in full swing, I'll be taking you folks on a trip to the Carnival of the Vanities Mall to get your weekly ration of rich, bloggy goodnessTM
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Hidden taxes, and the politicians who love them
This entry at QandO started me thinking about taxation (reasonably enough, since it is on the subject of a VAT), and two links at the end of the column discuss the ups and downs of various consumption-oriented taxes. In this...
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Evasion potential of the FairTax
Dale’s main concern is with tax evasion. He supports the VAT because the VAT requires a constant feedback loop. At every stage of production the VAT is levied, and such it makes it very easy for the enforcement body to watch for holes in the pr...
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The Equality Tax
We've discussed previously and at great length the reasons why, with one caveat, the Fair Tax (i.e., National Sales Tax) is a thoroughly wonderful idea. Unfortunately, that one caveat is that, for reasons both political and economic, the Fair Tax is pret