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The judges were already seated and primed for the cosplay competition, but with the power out, we needed to buy time while they were fixing the problem. That was my cue to do a bit of magic to buy us time, and it definitely resulted in a lot of fan service for the audiences, as I opened with the Shanghai Shackles, then seeing how unwilling Alodia was to do my next routine, I ended up calling on Hard Gay for the infamous“ Lady” and the Rope routine.
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It’ s fun to look at Famous Hook Ups though. Always remember though that you can’ t fully trust information you get from websites like that. Hell, T. J kept saying he was dating and never said a word about his child Royal, so even the celebrities the website talks about can’ t be fully trusted with what they say. Always keep that in mind and don’ t panic from what you read. Things could be worse you know.