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Harvest Marijuana
Dharamshala the destination for the Dalai lama, alos bring in a lot of nefarious bagpack tourists who find it very easy to slip into the upper reaches of the mts into the villages and smoke their heads out. Also sleep and marry with the shepherds and locals. I ahve seen village women in the mts rolling marijuana leaves into black balls all day long for the drug traffickers and abusers. Poor things do not know anything except that they get money for these little black balls. ONce my dad had to chase out a...
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Cruise Ship Model
It turns out Nokia is abandoning ship and leaving Japan. The company is having problems keeping up with the turnaround and custom nature of devices in Japan and will therefore stop selling them entirely. The Nokia model of taking your time to perfect a device and slowly releasing devices just doesn’ t cut it over there. In Japan, it seems you need to be constantly releasing new devices with new features and catering to each little trend that emerges. I suspect the time to market for a device in Japan is a...