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Again, Isaac, Dave, Ben, and Joe can hit exactly how I feel, especially when it comes to relationships. This one hits home, especially in the last few weeks with what’ s been going on. That’ s definitely me, lost and insecure. And I’ m in the process of finding the answers. It’ s going to take quite a few visits to and cigarettes at the corner of First and Amistad to get to where I need to go. Do I turn the corner, embark down a new street? Do I continue walking, looking for something, and hoping that I can...
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Despite all these pluses, it is very much a kids' show, unsurprisingly, so it's pretty unchallenging and feels like we're intruding on someone else's viewing. The latest series of Who probably had the edge over the show in terms of quality, simply because of the darker eps and David Tennant. But it's a close run contest and it's almost compulsory to watch it all the same, just for the overlap with the other shows, the eternally marvellous Lis Sladen, further insights into Sarah Jane due down the line, and...