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A number of lower courts, in refusing to grant member standing to sue derivatively, interpreted the LLC Law\'s legislative history as indicative of the legislature\'s deliberate omission of statutory authority for derivative suits. The Court of Appeals majority held otherwise, finding the legislative history \"too ambiguous to permit us to infer that the Legislature intended wholly to eliminate, in the LLC context, a basic, centuries- old protection for shareholders, leaving the courts to devise some new...
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Estoy de acuerdo!
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She was a woman in her sixties who had big blonde hair and would sing“ Good Ship Lollipop” and these sort of naughty songs, like“ I’ m Your Mailman” - I’ ll lift your knockers and ring your bell and you’ ll think I am swell, I’ m your mailman! I can come in any kind of weather, just because my bag is made of leather. I don’ t mess with keys or locks, I just slip it in your box, I’ m your mailman! And then mixing it with all of the bizarre eccentrics I was meeting in New York City on the streets, I would...
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