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As we bask in the good feeling that comes with completed errands and chores, what better way to celebrate than to catch up on events and happenings? And so we’ ve gathered a few items that will, hopefully, make your day more enjoyable. Of course, on such a warm and sunny day, our antennae sometimes droop a wee bit. So if one flew by us unnoticed, please do write in and let us know. Meanwhile, enjoy…. * Pakistan’ s pharma industry is very optimistic about exporting some 600 million in drugs by 2010, according...
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Two years ago, they hospitalized me in the mental hospital and hospital was paid by them. And they were selling my life again and all blog systems including YouTube helped me to know that I was watched and known to the world. I couldn\'t check in US, I think I was scared of something that I was isolated from, and people around me has some mission for things but I didn\'t know what that was. It started in Arizona when I was a doctoral student at ASU and I was teaching as an instructor for pre- service teachers...