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A reverse mortgage works in a similar way, but backwards. It is a fact that the baby boomer generation is moving into their retirement years. A high percentage own homes with significant amounts of equity in them. The problem, of course, is equity is a fixed asset, to wit, you cant see it in your bank account. Traditionally, the best way to turn this hard asset into cash was to sell the property and move down to something cheaper. You then pocketed the difference in the form of cash.
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Some lender– I don’ t know which one– now owns your loan. You’ ll just keep paying as you always have. And if you want to refinance, check with your current lender or any of the others out there.
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The sudden drop in rates is proof enough the mortgage finance surge has found lenders under- prepared. This heightened activity seems to be happening during a time when they could really maximize on the opportunity to make up for the losses from last year’ s fiasco. Short- handed lenders are having difficulties following up with prospective customers and there are warnings to expect delays in applications as understaffed lenders race to fulfill requests for mortgage refinance.
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[...] Investing 101 wrote an interesting post today onHere’ s a quick excerpt Are you struggling to get a BTL mortgage with a high LTV? If so, you will be interested to learn that we have managed to secure a commercial lender for a tranche of funds for 85% LTVs on residential investment properties. Here’ s the specifics: 85% LTV will available Royal Bank of Scotland Base Rate 2. 75% Rental cover at 125% Interest only available 2% completion fee No ERC on tracker There are certain restrictions depending on...
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This is when you combine your mortgage with yourChecking account at a bank or building society. If you have a savings account are automatically used by the capital loans, and then you have to reduce the level of mortgage rates.
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