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Once more, with feeling... U.S. Marine Cpl. Wassef Ali Hassoun, charged with desertion in a mysterious case in which he left his unit in Iraq and turned up in Lebanon, has again gone absent and appears to have returned to...
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That Mexican comic book for illegal aliens is available at the Mexico government's website here. Dale Franks offers a unique translation of the guide at Q and O. Meanwhile, the Arizona Republic reports that Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ.) has written.
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Illegal Alienin' for Dummies
Courtesy of the Mexican government, a comic book giving their citizens handy tips on dealing with their wanderlust and the gringos they'll encounter on the way. I love the "translation" provided by the guys at Q
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Come a little bit closer .
Take a look at this comic book about illegal migration to the U.S. created by the Mexican Government . My Spanish is poor, so I couldn't read it very well, but I enjoyed the pictures. IRS take note! You could.
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Mexican Comic Book
Much has been made this week regarding a comic book put out by the Mexican Government which explains how to illegally enter the U.S. This Blog is Full of Crap offers an amusing parody version, which is definitely more enjoyable that the least for those of us who can't read Spanish. Another enjoyable translation is here.
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Blogging Math
The Ready.MX single-page parody gets almost 1700 views. The directory with the far-superior full fake translation of the original comic book gets a little over 200 views. The fact that people actually come here means that they have poor taste,.
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Hoopy Froods ?

Dale, over at Qando has a new translation of the comic book showing Mexicans how to get into the United States. I haven't laughed this hard in ages.Noteable quote ....

Your best course of action when stopped by the police is to pretend to be a European tourist, so brush up on your German or Dutch. But remember, under no circumstances should you speak French! They don't like them in America any better than we do. Or, anyone does, really.

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Mexican Government Sanctions Illegal Border Crossing With Comic Book Instructions [ pics and links ]
In December the Mexican government officially released a comic book that sanctions illegal aliens crossing our southern border. They claim it is to help migrant worker with the title The Guide for the Mexican Migrant, but upon viewing the...
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QandO Blog - Illegal Immigration Made Easy The 32-page book, The Guide for the Mexican Migrant, was published in December by Mexico's Foreign Ministry. Using simple language, the book offers safety information for border crossers, a primer on their legal...
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Don't touch that "News"! You don't know where it's been...
The Word for the Day is: "Creative Voting" Ironbear's Law of Public Service: "A sincere desire to serve in public office should always be rewarded. Prefferably with the death penalty." When did the Legacy Media begin to resemble a Life of Brian routine? "Well, other than a half-a-billion in tsunami relief funds from private donors, what has the US done for anyone lately?" It used to be infuriating... now it's merely absurd. Oh jeeze... Beck at INCITE takes on The Terminally Cluebereft in "The Culture Cult claims a few more victims". Words actually fail me on this. Go read. Dean of Dean's World wants you to know about this post and to act on it. For my part, I'd appreciate it if you'd consider supporting the effort. Thank you, The Management. ;) A hat tip to The Laughing Wolf. We could use a bit more "Unprofessionalism" like this......
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