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College students love their road trips. However, vacationing can be a very slippery slope. Gas prices and airline ticket rates are soaring. Here are some helpful tips to make the most of your road trip while pinching your pennies.
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I have been a college cross country runner for the past 3 years, however, now I am taking a break to take care of myself, and my goal this summer is to bike to close stores, or sub shops, to walk, to carpool, and to just stay active. I think, that healthy people in general may tend more to lead a healthy life, such as the biking to not drive. Also, Nalgene bottles, or reusing water bottles is another awsome way, thats just one little change in life to make a diference!
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it is available everywhere and is arm lengths away at anytime. So no excuses for not drinking water! the way water works with reaching our ideal goal is to flush out the toxins
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Very insightful. Good points. Thanks for your thoughts on this.