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Jail Time for Armstrong
Jon Henke dug up the appropriate federal law that indicates the Department of Education/Armstrong Williams deal violated the law. Now.
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Ideas for sale are still ideas!
Taking cash in exchange for promoting an idea sounds, well, sleazy. All the more so when the idea is a government program and is paid for with taxpayer's money. Karol at Alarming News discusses the issue as it relates to.
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Lobbying by government is unrepublican
Government funded lobbying does not just violate FCC anti-payola law. It also violates the rarely enforced 1913 law against government funded lobbying, and it ought to be ruled unconstitutional under the wrongly neglected constitutional guarantee to ...
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Michelle Malkin: "While we're talking Armstong Williams, let's not forget his association with Michael Jackson." The piling on - well deserved - will probably continue until Condolleezza Rice's confirmation hearings later this month. There are only so many bullseyes that.
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White House Paid A Commentator To Argue Its Case
No matter how you slice it, dice it, and try to finesse it , in
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La Shawn Barber and Jon Henke have detailed posts on the Armstrong Williams debacle, and Glenn Reynolds notes the US government's history of paying off public opinion makers when neccessary dating back to at least the FDR days. I'm not.
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Now That's An Apology
Williams should suffer whatever punishment his actions (or crimes?) warrant. But let's not miss out on the fact that the admission of wrongdoing and taking of responsibility was a class act. Just compare it to most any other "apology" for the scandal...
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