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I have to go with John above. I sell a number of high density/ low conversion items and listing fees just damn near bankrupted me last year. In two different months my ebay fees were actually higher than my total sales. Thank God for a turnaround at the end of the year (a few high priced items finally sold) or I would have had to give up. I have a number of constituents in the same boat as me. Auction style listings simply don\'t work on large, obscure pieces of industrial, lab or countless other categories...
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7 cards dealt face...
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I think most people will not purchase one of these machines for their home. Let’ s face it, the Precor EFX 576i is a hardcore commercial elliptical trainer designed for heavy health club use. Most people don’ t have the space nor budget for one of these beasts. But, did I mention, it’ s incredibly smooth? It’ s become the most popular elliptical at my club and I get upset when they are all in use when I come in during my lunch break. Then it’ s back to the old creaky Life Fitness that refuses to report my...
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