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I was very pleased with the program and thought the practical go-at-your-own-speed teaching style was great!
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« Spanish 101 Main Wanderboy Goes to Disco»
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parece que no es dificil de entender...
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- The Workbook offers additional‘ Writing workout’ sections, along with a complete IELTS Reading module and extra reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar practice.
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Speaking Spanish
Next: I have to emphatically disagree with reviewer Bill Mydo below. - You will excuse me if I spend some little time defending this film against his critique; Mulan happens to be my favorite Disney animated movie, second only perhaps to Beauty and the Beast. Perhaps my being Chinese- American may have something to do with it, as does the fact that I strongly identify with the character’ s self- doubts. Still, I am fairly particular as to what I consider“ good art”; and it boggles and confounds me that...