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This is great news for business. I think that the Korean investors are very smart for doing this and I look forward to seeing future developments. It is very forward thinking.
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With the advent of technology, your receptionist no longer has to be located in your office, or even employed by your company. A virtual receptionist is a new way to cut costs, increase efficiency and improve your image. From our remote location, we offer every benefit of having a personal, on-site receptionist.
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Few days earlier we’ ve installed a great tool called Google Analytics. This will not only allow us to look at our stats in a different (and nicer) way, but will also give us a chance to see how well the visitors are guided though the site, why they come to us, where they come from, why they leave the website and where they leave the website. Although this tool does not analyse the website logfiles (instead, there is a javascript tracker, called Urchin tracker, installed on every page), the overall approach...