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To make Forex Market even more unique to traders, it is an over the counter market which operates throughout a network of computers where individuals, banks and corporations trade currencies from one another. This and the fact that it is a market open 24 hours a day make Forex Killer a uniquely well placed opportunity for anyone interested in opening up a home business whilst retaining the affection of more“ traditional” businesses out there.
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Forex guru Joel Ward, 49, out of Turlock will be spending the next nine years of his life behind bars at a federal prison. Ward has been tried and found guilty of conning close to 100 investors out of 11 million. A commentator and seminar speaker on Forex trading, the scam he masterminded was operated though an investment fund called the Joel Nathan ForexFund. Over a three year period– 2003 through 2006– Ward took 15 million from investors who believed the company was legitimate. 85% of that amount was used...