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2. Real estate investing success is possible in any economy. Many people are under the misconception that success is possible in real estate only when the economy is good. In fact a bad economy is not a bad economy for real estate investors. You can often buy properties at deep discounts. You might also find deals that simply would not exist in a booming economy. Poor economies can turn based on active real estate investing. Short sales, bulk reo sales and virtual real estate all thrive when the economy is...
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This post isn’ t going to explain viral marketing, but it is the first step any REALTOR on facebook should take to harness the power of social media.
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In many countries, including America, the UK and Australia, if I want to buy a house I select a local agent I like and I ask them what properties they can offer in the areas I am interested and at… Continue Reading… Comments (2)-- Building Costs in France Filed under: Building in France , Business in France , Discover France , Investment , Living in France , New Ideas , Personal , Real Estate , fruk-
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Get the Countdown Creator Pro widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! Categories Market Commentary Home Sales Reports Rocklin Lincoln Roseville Sacramento First Time Home Buyer Info Rocklin & Roseville Open Houses Rocklin & Roseville New Homes Sacramento Foreclosure Statistics Sacramento Mortgage Information Short Sale Information Worst MLS Photos of the Moment Local Real Estate Info Community Events Your Questions Answered! My Favorite…. A Boy and His Dad Resources Links Tim Clegg, Bank REO...
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Here’ s the scenerio: You are going to interview a couple of different agents before you put your house on the market. Realtor (A) comes to your house, does their marketing presentation for you, he/ she ask you questions about your needs and expectations, etc… shows you the comps for your neighborhood and other data they have for your property and suggests to you an asking price of (let’ s say) 185,000. Not exactly what you wanted to hear. Okay, now Realtor (B) shows up with his nice shiny briefcase (but doesn’ ...
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As a real estate agent and/ or Realtor, the single most important aspect of your career is to come up with a rock- solid marketing plan. A well thought out and executed marketing plan will not only help to create your business but it will also define your success as a real estate agent. Word- of- mouth advertising is one of the most sought after types of advertising in real estate but it is not the most lucrative and you almost have to have your business set up and running smoothly before being able to take...
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In Tulsa Oklahoma real estate searching for the best Realtors can often time be a very tedious process. There are so many choices to choose fro… read more…
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if you have Anhueser Busch rep’ s close by whom could drop by the local police department there in Washington county and look at my police record’ s photo and prints we could put this old missing person’ s case too rest and the cop’ s could have the bad guy’ s stamping liscense plates or bursting rocks on the state chain gang to pay the stolen money’ s back at the going rate 10 per day. that was me whom made the dea with mr Busch to place his name apon the can while we just switching from tin unto aluminum. ...
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Mrs Grimshaw stated that the realtor is getting inquiries from as far as Australia and India. The new neighbors will of course be vetted by the Secret Service. To see more visit 5040Greenwood. com.